The world doesn’t really understand what the future of power will look like. Let me tell you something : the future of power is going to be painted by shades of colourful stories coming to life to influence a new era and age. Stories of black and brown folks that were tainted – now being told by their true owners in their own voices. More so magnified in the future because the honest truth is the population of the future is going to be itself full of colour.

The world has misunderstood the growing black and brown populations for far too long. For so long, the stories of these folks have been splattered on a canvas whose background was already tainted by those who narrated the tales on behalf of these people. The future voice is diverse and so strong that without doubt the traditional walls of what “normal” looks like will be broken down.

If you paint power today, your image would have deep arching strokes of definitions of power that have been painted by a predominately white world at that time very traditional white males who even at some point made decisions on behalf of women.

What will change and how will this canvas be flipped:

It all begins in the family unit

Now more than ever the family unit , teachers , leaders – need to be united to allow children from a young age to not only see stories where they are represented but to allow children from a very young age to also tell stories and ask questions about what we have for so long normalised.

Deconstruction of the word “normal”

The type of power that has been normalised has been the male macho leadership style with blue eyes and blond hair if we could put a description profile. I would bet that the future of power is not macho and it certainly isn’t going to be purely white – its going to be full of color.

Higher tuning in and listening

As the narrative is changing there are many that are magnifying the very voices that were silenced or simple not listened to. The world is attentive particularly in this time where we are all in this reflective and thoughtful times. As we go forth keep tuning in and magnifying voices and stories of black and brown folks that will color the world.


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