Travel blogger Ana Silva O’Reilly is an avid traveller, who religiously follows her mother’s mottos:

‘If you leave home, it has to be better’, or ‘I love camping, in 5 star hotels’.

Among the surprises Africa brought her were how beautiful it was – and how well luxury was actually delivered. She also mentioned the quality of the food

“I was surprised by the food in South Africa, and weirdly enough in some cases, how similar it was to Portuguese (my home country). That made me love it even more.”

I know people are impressed by the food on safari, particularly the meals conjured up well away from a modern kitchen.

Whether it is a bush breakfast cooked over a fire, a high tea mid-afternoon, or a restaurant quality supper cooked up in a bush kitchen with no mod-cons. Luxury camps and lodges certainly match Ana’s mother’s motto that ‘it has to be better’.

article by Richard Smith


I asked four of my favourite online writers for their thoughts on what makes a holiday in Africa luxurious. They all came back with something different and interesting, and certainly not what most people would think of.

I’ve lived and worked in Africa and travel to safari camps and lodges a lot. While I’m not on holiday when I travel for work (as I constantly tell family and friends) I get to experience luxury travel as if I am a guest. Perhaps it’s this familiarity that means I take things for granted that others are amazed by. Here are what these luxury travel bloggers thought of Africa:

Surprised by Big Skies

Travel journalist, Liz Jarvis, she told me she’d been amazed by the size of an African sky.

“I hadn’t realised just how big it would be. When you look up at that sky, which never seems to end, it just puts everything in perspective. I miss that sky so much.”

Suddenly I was transported to Namibia, where the skies above Sossusvlei seem almost never ending. And not just during the day as the NamibRand is one of just a very few ‘dark sky reserves’ scattered around the world. The stars in an African sky are mind blowing.

Pleased by the Luxury and the Food


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