The last week was immensely intense, because for the first time in history after a very long time every single person across the world was able to be part of the day to day struggle of people of color. It hurt to see live the injustices, for others it was an aha moment of the inequality and the impacts or grave consequences it has for some citizens of the world because of non other than the color of their skin. Millions have since then flooded the streets in protest and the question remains – what happens after or what can you do to use this momentum to turn around the systems of injustice?

This is so crucial because the outcry is beyond Goerge Floyd, it goes beyond America? It is a global issue that affects everyone – particularly minorities, marginalised groups, the vulnerable and people of color. This goes beyond the criminal justice systems – it sips into the cracks of the day to day life.

This calls for everyones attention and a big applause to those who have remained steady and peaceful during this time despite the rumbling anger felt.

I understand the violence, however the consequences will be bared by the very people we are protesting for – so think twice when you have to become violent. Some of the most vulnerable peoples stores who depended highly on these, have been destroyed.

Thats not something we must celebrate – rather the united forces and that most protests have been a loud voice of courageous people across the world and that in itself is commendable. Lets keep on!

What this shows, is that the way will be paved and is being paved by those who are taking action.

Protesting is just the beginning – what is to follow is so crucial and is in our hands as young leaders across the globe with a voice.

Have been grateful for the last months as well, because it is a time that allowed the entire globe to slow down and reflect about the current status quo. I believe it is why the moment is so right for us to take action beyond the protests happening across the world.

As we reflect about the past days, may we also take time to educate ourselves about how the systems work and who is influencing these. This will be crucial to address the right decision makers and bring the change in the community level, institution level, city level and wider to country levels starting from the smallest nucleus of decision making bodies. As you go forth ask yourself how much you know about the systems you want to change and understand the organisation structure of these as well as the deeper issues at hand beyond the iceberg at community level.

Dear young leaders, we have to organise ourselves strategically in ways that reflect an understanding of where the change needs to be and by whom it will driven by in order to bring about the modelling and election of good leaders and hold accountable where the leadership you expected is not fulfilled.



learn about the various systems in place where injustices occur and dissect the drivers of these – who are the main decision makers and how to they get there?


Whenever one needs to build a high performing team – the team structure matters- so take action to remove the bad apples after learning where the core drivers are and remove them from power. The more we are, the more our voice counts.


The more we are, the more our voice counts. discuss and sparr with other young people.


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