I grew up ashamed to eat African foods because other kids would laugh about how my lunch box would be filled with “poverty foods” – I secretly loved indigenous foods like “Sadza rezviyo and tsunga nedovi.” If you want to know what that is come to the clare rudo collections facebook inbox and will let you in on the best food secrets.

Given not so much research or even funding goes into learning how to bring our own foods into the food landscape – countries starve as most foods are imported and a generation/colonialisation/civilisation or you name it has misled us to think highly of foods that are foreign or made outside the continent.

What a shame that a generation missed a huge opportunity – it is however not to late Africa ( particularly Southern Africa ) – to revive our food landscape and secure food supply for the next generation by taking ownership of our crops. The true African crops have huge potential to map an era of the true taste of Africa! This talk with Tapiwa gave me hope and joy. #TasteofAfrica #TapiTapi #MadeinAfrica #Seesano #Podcast #Africanseries


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