The stories of Black and brown people are multifaceted – there is not one narrative that fits all and the world needs to prepare for that. In order to stop magnifying one type of truth. So as we see a world matching for Black lives matter – whats next? Here are three things that needs to happen otherwise all these protests are simply meet and greets with some vandalism done in some parts of the world- here are some things that need to happen in order to ensure change. Let me know your thoughts and where we can team up to drive action…

  1. Slicing the elephant and not the tail.

The last days have had so many issues been mixed up together. Police brutality, Racism, Ethnicity discrimination, Nationalism, Capitalism, Crime, socioeconomics, macroeconomics … all more so right because these are somehow interconnected. Some of which are symptoms to some of the harshest and difficult issues across the globe. What we should understand is that- this fight goes beyond human dignity. Everyone can be nice to people – however we touch on equality and the long lasting consequences that some groups of people face because of the treatments they encounter. We need to slice the issues and core problems at hand and not the symptoms. We are talking about systematic and constitutional power houses that need to be deconstructed. Ask 3 people what the problem is of the same experience from their point of view – and you will come back with 3 different problems/symptoms. In order to move forward we need to slice the core issues. We are talking about constitutional degradation of groups of people and if you dig deeper you will find hidden worms of where the actual issues are – and surprisingly most of these institutions have been silent. If you need something to see some real life every day cases see : “when they see us”; “12 Angry Men”; “Dear white people” ; and then to life from a black family narrative view without seeing the thugs and poverty stereotype “Americas Black-ish”; “Nigerias Africancity”;”SABC Generations”

2. Addressing each slice

Once you slide the elephant – it stinks and the worms are alive and more than decades of rot will surface! We are still scratching the shiny surface. Addressing each slice – will be more that just voting in a new president or mayor or whomever. Addressing these stinky slices will require the participation of everybody – particularly the powerhouses. We are talking about addressing the very reasons why we have inequality, poverty- hunger which all lead to the road we are matching today. It is these things that cause the socio-economic gaps that lead some black and brown people to be in comprising situations that might be having them encounter more police controls or simply more stigma. Each slice has representative that needs to outline what they are doing to close the gaps we have. Here are some slices:

  • State/Public Media : – how are we ensuring we have multiple narratives of what being black and brown is really ? The narrative of thugs, poverty , disease are getting stale. Whats` happening to the narrative of normal black people?
  • Family unit :- Kids are the most innocent creatures ever. I have seen kids being curious of my skin color because they have never seen a person like me before ( in the 21st century) there is no excuse of our children to be subjected to one narrative of what the world is, this for me is the first place that change needs to occur! Representation matters and children need to have that diversity from early on where they are taught what inclusion means. it`s not about being nice – it`s allowing kids to interact with each other at an equal level with even adults from early on.
  • Schools :- How are we ensuring that education is accessible to all groups of people. The education systems is the core fundamental of human development, already there we stretch the inequality gap!
  • Government :- an audit of policies should be done particularly on what security means for all people, on migration, on labour markets.
  • Industries :- Diversity and inclusion goes beyond quotas – you cannot care for a people that you do not understand or take time to learn their stories. How are you having diverse groups involved in strategic discussions and listening to the people – which stories are magnifies and how do your decisions take place? Inclusion truly means having people partake in the decision making process. Company policies and decision making matrixes should be audited and revised to ensure diversity is going beyond to true inclusion. Are you going to increase sponsorship to ensure inclusion.
  • Banks :- the interest rates of the world bank has been questioned before for example ? Why is it that struggling nations with black folks have the highest interest while the rich keep getting richer ?

3.From voting to equal playing ground

The actions need to go beyond voting – voting is simply ensuring we have the right leadership in place. However even the best leadership in swampy nasty playing grounds as we see above will not be able to bring effective change. The playing ground that adults play in need to change. Black and brown folks go beyond America – we have black and brown folks everywhere across the world. Very powerful socio and economic powers have so longing dominated by white males that the grounds are so conducive for people of similar backgrounds. I would like to hear how we will be ensuring the playing grounds are levelled!


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