Dont miss out this Journey where we show more of African Culture and its people. See Africa own its identify , culture and stories that have not been told like it would by its own people. #madeinAfrica #Seesano #Podcastsnippets #SoulFood #African #Culturetalk

I yearn that Africa owns its identity, culture and its stories Stories that have not been told before through the eyes of its people. I have heard people tell me where I came from and break down what my own country means. I have met people who have never met a black person before tell me what they know about Black people. Now is the time for Africa and its people to tell the world its story with pride. To share what it really means.

Seesano is that place where we embrace, explore and experience Africa Through powerful stories. Find out what the world thinks of Africa and its people before we move into the real stories by its own. It was fun and heartwarming talking to friends to hear what they know and what they have experienced. All the stories show there is much more to explore… stay tuned for more…

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