The last days have seen the #Zimbabweanlivesmatter floating like hotcakes with celebrities amplifying the cause. Today is heroes day and yet again lets take a moment to ask ourself what we talking about really? What are we talking about here?

Here are 5 Things I believe are important for us to discuss and act upon to move forward, let me know your thoughts and lets connect on these actions:

Let us listen to the Grassroots Voices

The fight is not only a political one, the outcry is not about famous people, the core of the story is not only about certain people, we are talking about a nation – If you use #Zimbabweanlivesmatter then be aware you have put a whole nation in that – that is a whole nations outcry. This is why we may lose the fight if we narrow down the representation of Zimbabwe and link it to faces or names or to a couple of hundreds of people. Here what are we talking about? – it is a whole nation that has life’s that you declare matter – which means being able to listen to theses voices fairly and 360°. I understand that when someone we have never met who is well reknowned posts on social media – there is potentially a wave of people who rally behind the cause because of exposure and influence. However the danger of this is we might be missing the very voice of our friends, colleagues, brothers, sisters … who live, have lived and can tell you face to face the Zimbabwean story. We need to understand that the Zimbabwean voices are not all on social media it should be our goal and biggest mission to get more and more people connected and exposed so we can really understand the Zimbabwean landscape. There are so many untold stories and voices that are relevent and matter!

1. We can do better in listening to the grassroots voices and amplify these. Because each and every person of the 15Million+ people in Zimbabwe have their story and it has so many sides to it. Are we listening to the people of Zimbabwe? Are we listening beyond social media?

Lets Unify and connect the dots

This is in my opinion very key. Have spoken to many people of various walks of life ( Teachers, Government agents, Healthcare professionals, Artists, Businessmen and women, Activists of all sorts … ) and each has their pain points which require us to rally together in Zimbabwe to address how we can become better. Even the bests of bests never stop becoming better environments for their citizens and allies or counterparts. It takes me back to 15Million+ people who have their stories and many sides to their story. A majority of these people are pushing initiatives and agendas – what are we doing to connect and unify common goals? We all want a better life, an environment with opportunities, freedom to choose how to navigate life without harming others of cause – at the end of it all We, Zimbabwe do have a common goal despite all our different agendas and walks of life.

2. Lets find common goals and unify our efforts towards a better Zimbabwe. How, you may ask…

Lets go down to the community and even family unit

How you may have asked – can we unify efforts. I would advice us as a nation to understand what is running on the ground and the diaspora. There are so many initiatives running and you could have your own initiative as well –

3. What are we doing to connect to at least 5 people/initiatives doing similar things to what we are trying to achieve? What is your community landscape looking like and how is your current family unit being supported in the community?

More action, less speaking

We often look to the outside to intervene for us, which is all fine as we are not an island – however just because Ice Cube and even several presidents across the globe have posted on Zimbabwe – it doesn’t mean Zimbabwe is on its way to become better – Do we want them to take the lead? What is it we require of them to rally the world to do? What is it we can do for ourselves as it is our home that is burning at the moment? Let us be clear on solid actions of what we need and want from the international community and before that from our own neighbours. Did you know SADC is holding its 40th SADC Ordinary Summit of Heads of State and Government to be held virtually 10 – 17th August, 2020. – Are we on the agenda? Do we have clear call for action for the SADC Unit and are we pushing to again unify the region before thinking of the international community to save us ?

4. Lets be clear on our call for actions, needs, wants and demands that ensure we are pushing the Zimbabwean agenda for all 15Million+ people in the country and diaspora.

Lets broaden our perspective on who and what Zimbabwe is

Lastly, because I personally fail to see what we want the outside world to do… I believe that We, the people of Zimbabwe – yes 15 Million of us need to take the lead and walk the talk. It goes without doubt that in order to do this, we ourselves need to understand the landscape of Zimbabwe and its people. There is a danger that when we speak of Zimbabwe – we speak of a few thousand people and their opinion. Thats a steep fall for a country full of brilliant minds, great talents and so much resilience. Zimbabwe is so multifaceted and in order to unify we need to be able to represent the nation fairly. What does Zimbabwe mean to you and what doesn’t ? Your take is valid! What does freedom mean to you ? What is important to you … your voice is valid dear Zimbabwe. We have the rural population, the urban population and even that doesn’t give justice to the landscape of Zimbabwe – we have scholars, civil servants, politicians and even that doesn’t do justice to understand the Zimbabwean landscape. I would advice to breakdown Zimbabwe into core communities and understand the demographics and issues within these areas to start mapping out and connecting the dots. Anyone from Harare Waterfalls and Msasa here ? I am happy to hear your story so we can map out our community and share a template. lets connect @clarerudo or

5.lets understand What and who is Zimbabwe that we use when we hashtag #Zimbabweanlivesmatter so we map and unify a relevent way forward.

– sometimes we use this loosely.


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