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“I truly believe in the power of young Africa and this platform spotlights emerging africa and its development. Seesano is partly about the power of stories that drive and dare to lead actions for positive impact and value for women, young professionals and Africa and much more on building and sponsoring the right capabilities to drive African development. Seesano focus on powering grassroots and building capability and leadership for young africa to drive the continent”

Join me to explore,embrace and empower Africa differently.



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Be engrained in the why first. Understand who you are and what your purpose is…Be strong in your self identity and your purpose especially as young black Africans. Be true to your identity and find power in your authentic self.

Conversations with Taps – Tapi Tap

Join me on the journey to tell a story of Africa and discover the motherland .I love the stories Africa has to tell the world. There are so many facets of Africa. Beyond poverty and war, Africa has a lot to explore and embrace – from its natural wonders to the various African brands that will sweep you off your feet. This is your stop to the bold tales of Africa:

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