Made in Africa S1:E2 Dialogue with Tapi Tapi, What do you know about African Heritage Indigenous Food?

I had a lovely dialogue on what African Food means with Tapiwa Guzha, Founder of Tapi Tapi. Learn more about the overlooked Heritage of African people through food and engage in  his mission to ensure the continent gains its identity as a people with a great heritage to share and that the continent already shares with the world.

The next time you have a water melon or drink coffee or even some of the acclaimed western food – you might be connecting with the African Heritage which was transferred to the world during the 16th – 19th century.

Now “Tapi Tapi” – what is that really ?

A Bantu ideophone (nyaudzosingwi) that means sweet sweet (akin to yum yum). 

It’s a playful and nostalgic phrase that appears in several Zimbabwean pop cultural contexts including music. 

“In part, Tapi Tapi is focused on rehabilitating the self-esteem of people from the continent about our food practices, as well as our culture and beliefs. I use food because it’s universal, people need to eat. 

So it’s a nice tool to to get people to listen” Have fun learning about African food with us on Seesano- Made in Africa.

Tapi Tapi, kutapira!


Made in Africa S1:E1 What does the outer world know about Africa?

To kick of the first Seesano : Made in Africa Season 1 Edition, I asked some friends what they know about Africa – in this Episode you hear from two friends of mine about their summary of what they know and embraced on what Africa is …

From a highlight of African humour, flexibility to the idea of safety and religion. Later dived into a dialogue with my brother Vladimir to hear about his South African experience. We also spoke of stereotypes and the power ambassadors who have platforms play in shaping or misrepresenting the ideas of certain cultures at the expense of humour.

in the next episodes you will hear from more friends and in episode 3 we will start diving into Africans telling their side of the story and owning what their story of Africa is.

Welcome to Seesano: Made in Africa series.