Join me on the journey to tell a story of Africa and discover the motherland .I love the stories Africa has to tell the world. There are so many facets of Africa. Beyond poverty and war, Africa has a lot to explore and embrace – from its natural wonders to the various African brands that will sweep you off your feet. This is your stop to the bold tales of Africa:

I yearn that Africa owns its identity, culture and stories that have not been told like it would by its own people. Join me on the journey to learn more on African culture and its people.

Journey of an African is an interactive collection of stories inspired by the rich African culture and its culltural wealth. Its the perfect stop of choice for some hearty story telling.

I like to travel, tell stories and engage in discovering untold stories of Africa and it`s people. Join me in the journey for laughs, tears and pure discovery together. Thank you for stopping by! 

Welcome to this space My name is Clare Rudo. Intrigued by the richness of African culture and the wealth of its people, I created this series to create a platform where you can read and also tell your stories across the various generations of Africa and the world at large.


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